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Ferrari 458 Speciale

Ferrari 458 Speciale – It’s wild!

During the Sportscar Event 2015 at Jyllandsringen, we tested two different Ferrari 458 Speciale. It’s an absolutely stunning car!

In this video I get a co-driver ride with the driver who also gave me a co-driver ride a week ago in his Maserati GrandTurismo at FDM Sjællandsringen.

I’m curious to see if I can tell the difference between a Maserati and a Ferrari. I suspect that this Ferrari 458 Speciale, is a bit wilder compared to the delicious sounding Maserati. But since I’ve never taken a ride in it before, it’s hard to imagine what a drive in a Ferrari 458 Speciale would feel like.

When you look at it from the outside, it is super beautiful. It has several nice details, such as air intakes on the hood and small shark fins at the bottom near the rear wheel. All of this has an impact on aerodynamics, contributing to its wild specifications.

This Ferrari 458 Speciale has a 4.5 L V8 engine with 605 horsepower. The low weight of 1395Kg contributes to a 0-100km/h time of just 3 seconds! It only stops accelerating when the speedometer reaches 325km/h.

But now is the time! I get into the car and put on the H-belt with the Ferrari logo, which buckles up tightly. On the whole, you sit superbly in the delicious Ferrari bucket seats.

At the feet there is a metal plate, rather than a plush mat. A small detail that contributes to the “raw” feel of this car.

The driver starts the car, which wakes up with a lovely Ferrari sound.

We drive towards the track. Meanwhile, we pass a Ferrari F40, Bugatti Veyron and a Pagani Zonda Clubsport R.
There was something for everyone on this day, which is why Sportscar Event raised a total of DKK 1.85 million at Jyllandsringen through public tours. With the money from last week at FDM Sjællandsringen, the total amount was a whopping DKK 2.6 million. The large amount will be donated to the Children’s Cancer Foundation.

We are approaching the actual stretch that will take us onto the track.

The accelerator is pressed down and I am pushed back into the seat. This one is wild!

You can watch our Ferrari 458 Speciale movie here:

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