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Koenigsegg CCX Edition R

Koenigsegg CCX Edition R
– Fast Swedish supercar visits Denmark!

The annual Race for Riget charity event, held in conjunction with the Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix, had a wild car on the list this year.

A supercar built in only 4 copies!

Well thought out, with a rigid carbon fiber chassis, a chassis that’s ready to serve up dream driving.
The 4.8 liter engine with 1018 HP ensures that the aerodynamic supercar Koenigsegg CCX Edition R is pushed through the wind with a time of 0-200 km/h in 8.75 seconds!

The large ventilated ceramic brake discs take the speed away from the Koenigsegg should the need arise.

I had bought a co-driver experience in the delicious Swedish supercar – Koenigsegg CCX Edition R

Sitting in a Koenigsegg, where the driver’s cabin windscreen is low and turns in a gentle arc, gives a different feel in terms of view compared to other supercar manufacturers.

The sound of the engine is raw and brutal. A sound that goes well with the car’s good looks.

Enjoy the video here
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