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KTM X-Bow Dallara Edition

KTM X-Bow Dallara Edition – Open car and VERY fast!

KTM X-Bow Dallara Edition
KTM X-Bow Dallara Edition
Sjællandsringen 2014
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South of Roskilde is a town called Tune where FDM Sjællandsringen is located. Sportscar Event 2014 Zealand will be held here.

We arrive in the morning. You can hear them warming up the cars. The weather forecast is slightly cloudy. Everything points to a good day.

It’s always exciting to see which supercars have arrived.

This time the choice has fallen on a KTM X-Bow Dallara Edition. A completely open raw car made from almost 100% carbon fiber and with a turbo engine that delivers 360 HP and a 0-100 time of about 3.3 seconds.

Sounds like a combination you can’t go wrong with. Up to the ticket booth, cross next to the KTM, pay and back to the queue at the X-Bow.

Now there is only a little bit of waiting time left. The ones before me seem to have had a great drive, because when they get in, they have a big smile on their face. This bodes well. Now there is only one more to go before it’s my turn. It’s great and I’m eagerly awaiting it.

The KTM comes rolling down through the pit area and in front of me. Time for a co-driver change. Descending into an X-Bow is a bit of a feat that takes some getting used to. But luckily I was able to observe how the people before me managed the task of getting on and off the train.

In the seat, H-belt fastened, greeted by the driver, ready to go.

We drive calmly to the descent to the track, after which the lock is opened.

Inside the track, there is first a long 180 degree left turn, then a slight right, slight left, straight, slight left, into a left turn and out onto the straight. It’s a lap on the track.

It’s great to feel how the X-Bow corners, accelerates and brakes. Sitting in such an open racer, where there is no windscreen in front to provide shelter, gives a completely different touring experience.
The stronger you ride the more wind pressure on your body.

We can only recommend taking a ride in a KTM X-Bow Dallara Edition. You can see our trip here:

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