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The Snow Tour 2017

The Snow Tour 2017 and the wild supercars in Copenhagen!

Team Galag (a team from Saudi Arabia), best known from Gumball 3000, is famous for showing up to supercar events with unique vehicles.

Naturally, they did not disappoint during The Snow Tour 2017, which was a mini event created by themselves, as a prelude before it really gets going during Gumball 3000, among other things. The Snow Tour 2017 went from the Bella Sky Hotel in Copenhagen to a lake in northern Sweden.

batmobile The Snow Tour 2017

Note the fantastic rims…!!!

batmobile hubcap The Snow Tour 2017

And when it’s cold outside in February, what’s better than driving from the Bella Sky Hotel in Copenhagen up to northern Sweden to drive around a frozen lake?

batmobile buttons The Snow Tour 2017

I wonder what these buttons can be used for? Maybe remove piles of ice later in the trip?

batmobile exhaust The Snow Tour 2017

The Batman car had a Lamborghini engine, which you could clearly hear when he pressed the accelerator.

batmobile from behind many people The Snow Tour 2017

The exhaust on the Batman car must have been at least 20″…!!!

A movie with the Batman car:

When Denmark is suddenly visited by international “celebrities” and supercars, it naturally attracted the attention of carspotters and fans of Swedish Jon Olsson. And this was despite the wet and chilly weather, which says a lot about their “popularity”.

Of course, Jon Olsson wasn’t “boring” either and showed up in the unique Praga R1R, which looked like a car that had escaped from a race track! It must be super fun to drive…!

Jon Olsson and Praga the snow tour 2017

However, it was part of the story that the car did not have heating installed. We suspect the reason was that it adds too much weight to the already extremely lightweight supercar. This meant he froze a bit along the way as they got further north in the following days…

praga r1r The Snow Tour 2017

We made a short video with Jon Olsson and his Praga R1R supercar, which you can watch here:

But for Team Galag, just one wild supercar wasn’t enough. So naturally, they also brought a tuned Mercedes AMG TG3 with a gigantic spoiler on it. The spoiler may not have been legal in all countries, but they were able to have a sensible chat with the local police, who thankfully forgave them and allowed them to continue their drive.

Mercedes AMG TG3 front view The Snow Tour 2017

Mercedes AMG TG3 from behind The Snow Tour 2017

Here is a short movie with the Mercedes:

There was also a delicious yellow Porsche 911 SM, which had been given an engine from a Porsche Cayman GT4, so it sounded crazy! Note the three exhausts!

Porsche 911SM The Snow Tour 2017

We’ve also made a movie where you can see all the supercars:

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