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Lamborghini Museum Visit

The Lamborghini Museum in Italy is definitely a must visit for any true Lamborghini fan!

Lamborghini Museum Visit
Lamborghini Museum Visit
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The plane lands at Malpensa airport near Milan. We are on our way to visit the Lamborghini Museum in Sant’Agata Bolognese near Bologna. The calendar says 2009.

The car is ready at the airport. We throw our suitcases into the car and drive onto the highway towards Sant’Agata. The distance is about 250 km. Most of the driving is done on the Autostrada, but a short distance before the finish line, you turn off and drive on the country roads. We approach with anticipation.

The building with the Lamborghini name on the roof is observed on the horizon. At the entrance to the parking lot, we see the handsome charcoal gray stealth-looking Lamborghini Reventon gracing the entrance alongside a Gallardo. The car is parked in the guest parking lot of the Lamborghini Museum.

Before entering the museum, we spend 5 minutes enjoying the beautiful lines of the Reventon and Gallardo in front of the glass section in the background. That was it and now into the Lamborghini Museum. Ready to enjoy automotive history.

There aren’t many other people around, which suits us fine.  The reason we have Lamborghini cars today is partly due to Ferrari. The story goes that Lamborghini’s founder Ferruccio owned a Ferrari where the clutch didn’t do what Ferruccio thought it should. He actually made tractors, but was said to have been a stubborn gentleman who wouldn’t take no for an answer from Ferrari when he handed in his Ferrari for clutch repairs. He ended up repairing the clutch himself. He then decided to produce the ultimate GT sports car. Whether it’s true or not is unknown, but it was supposed to be the start of Lamborghini cars.

The Lambo houses are lined up in 2 floors on wooden floors with white walls and a window facade around them. Their Lamborghini Museum is super beautiful! Engines are mounted on columns where you can examine them up close. A Murcielago is hung on the end wall as a work of art. Why just hang up pictures when you have the real thing

The models have had their supporters, take for example Countach that has hung as a poster on many a boy’s wall as the ultimate sports car.

In 1999, Lamborghini presented the world’s fastest sports car at the IAA exhibition in Frankfurt. A Diablo GT with 6 liter v12,  575 hp. It was promised to be capable of 338 km/h. The production number was 83 pieces. All with rear spoiler.

The Lamborghini Museum exhibition includes:

A Gallardo in police uniform.

The Lamborghini Silhouette V8, 3L, 250 hp, top speed 260 km/h with Targa roof was intended for the American market.

Lamborghini 350 GT 1964-66, red 3.5L with 270 hp and a silver 400 GT 2+2 1966-1968 3.9L – V12 with 320 hp.

Murcielago R-GT, Lamborghini’s lightweight carbon fiber car was used in 2005 and 2006 to race in the famous races like 24h Le Mans and FIA GT. The car is fitted with a second front spoiler and a huge rear spoiler to provide maximum downforce. It looks great in a matte charcoal gray look. The top speed would be 310 km/h. Engine: 6 L, V12, 540 hp. 13 copies have been produced.

Diablo GT2 prototype from 1998, V12, 6L, racing version 640 hp, top speed 350 km/h, street version 600 hp, top speed 330 km/h. Only 2 units have been produced. The car in this museum has been used in the Diablo GT championship. The orange color with 2 air pipes on the roof and the black rear wing attract attention.

Jarama 1970-76, 3.9L V12 engine 345 hp, Blue.

Espada 1968-78, 3.9L V12 engine 345 hp, dark blue.

Countach LP400, 1974-78, 3.9L V12, 375 hp, green, this car with a height of just over 1 m oozes speed. Its scissor doors have attracted a lot of attention. It takes a bit of backing up with a cousin like that.

Countach 25th anniversary Edition 1988-90, 5.2L – V12 with 455 hp, silver color.

Miura S 1970-71, 3.9 L V12 engine, 370 hp, nice yellow car with round shapes.

Urraco P250 1972-76, 2.5 L, V8, 220 hp, metallic brown. Tilting headlamps.

LM002 5.2 L, V12 with 455 hp, black with the engine is from the Countach’. Should have been sold as a luxury SUV.

Formula 1 cars.

Centro Stile. The car is in a yellow color against the window facade. Looks incredibly nice and inviting. A well thought-out design.

Kanto prototype L 147, golden brown, with a bulging bodywork look when viewed from the rear.

The Concept S is an open car with a split down between the seats from front to rear. Passenger and driver sit in separate compartments with a windscreen/windshield wrapped around them. The front and back have a slight Gallardo look.

Project 132  1986, V12 – 5.7 L, red with a look that signals speed.

After sniffing around, studying the cars, taking pictures from all angles, it was now time to say thank you for this time. A pleasure to see a true time bubble of Lamborghini sports cars. We left the Lamborghini Museum, picked up the car and rolled quietly out onto the country road.

We have made a short video, watch it below.

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