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The Stig in Denmark

The Stig from Top Gear did public tours in Denmark!!!

The Stig in Ariel Atom 3
The Stig in Ariel Atom 3 Convertible
Sjællandsringen Sportscarevent 2009
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The world famous “The Stig” from the British TV program Top Gear, had been invited to Denmark.

If you’re not familiar with The Stig, Top Gear is a TV show where they review cars – mainly supercars. Here, various supercars are often tested on their track to see which supercar is the fastest.
To make sure the car is pushed as hard as possible, they have hired a racing driver.

But the public must not know who this test driver is. That’s why he always wears his signature outfit, which is a white driving suit with a white helmet. He NEVER takes off his helmet (in front of the camera). In this way, he remains unknown. But in the program, they have dubbed him “The Stig”.

But The Stig was invited to Denmark and he was a huge crowd puller. He was flown in to the Sportsccarevent by helicopter.

During the Sportscarevent, he would give rides in a black Ariel Atom, which resembles an elongated go-kart. I.e. not so many parts. There is the frame itself, which consists of metal rods that hold the whole thing together. In addition, there are two seats and a 300 horsepower engine. It is.

The very low weight, combined with the big engine, gave wild performance. Including 0-100km/h in just 3.2 seconds!!! This is VERY fast!!!

There was a long line of excited fans who wanted a co-driver ride with him. The passengers were all smiles when he returned with them. He was undoubtedly a huge success. The money from the public tours went to charity, so it was great to see the support.

We also got to see The Stig give his autograph, which was a big X. His X has nothing to do with the X Factor singing competition, but symbolizes that he doesn’t want to show who he is, as The Stig is an unknown super racing driver.

Enjoy our The Stig video below.

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